Sales Terms:

1.- Goods are shipped at the customer's risk.

2.- Shipping fees are not included.

3.- Any complaints must be submitted to the Lorca ( Murcia ) court system.

4.- Goods remain the property of Gabriel Gimenez Millan, SL until final payment is received.

5.- Shipping company is responsible for the weight and the condition of the goods until delivery.

6.- The correct disposed of all packaging is responsibility of the final customer according to the spanish law ( Art. 12 law 11/97 en relación Art. 18.1 de su reglamento ).

7.- Returns or remittance will not be accepted except for 1st Grade materials in an unused condition.

8.- Products to be checked by buyer or authorized person.

9.- According to the data Art. 15 13/12/1999 all data will be only be used by Gabriel Gimenez Millan, SL and not given to any 3rd party.

10.- In the event of Gabriel Gimenez Millan, SL not being able to supply any order with payment received, the customers will be fully refunded.

- Registered at RM of Murcia 29-4-92, Tomo Murcia-228, Sheet 15, Page MU-4.563, Registration number 1º. CIF: B30326250