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Morcem® Ultra Rápido


Fast-setting binder. Designed as a setting and hardening regulator for making fast-setting mortars with high strength and dimensional stability.

Price per 20kg/bag.

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Hydraulic binders and additives.

Features and applications

  • Application as pure paste or mixture.
  • Adjust setting by addition of retarder.

As paste:

  • Securing bolts and wedges.
  • Sealing water leaks.
  • Setting regulator in mortars.

As mortar:

  • Minor repairs of concrete and floors.
  • Securing and positioning of manholes, pipes, lintels, junction boxes, etc.
  • Quick masonry, grouting and restoration.
  • Presentation, joints and edges.


  • Substrates should be free of dust, grease, paint and alien products.
  • All usual masonry substrates are acceptable: ceramic bricks, concrete blocks, concrete and cement mortars (min. M 7.5).

Instructions for use

  • Wet the substrate thoroughly and, when the excess water has been absorbed, apply the product to the desired thickness.

As paste:

  • Put water into the container (6-7 liters per bag), pour in the powder and mix (mechanical mixing is recommended) until getting a creamy, homogenous paste of the right consistency.

As mortar:

  • Put the aggregate and the cement in a 1:1 ratio and, if necessary, the retarder additive into the container, mix dry, add water (6.5 - 7.5 liters per bag) and mix mechanically until getting a creamy, homogenous paste of the right consistency.


  • A few minutes after application the setting begins and, from then until the hardness becomes too great, the product can easily be sculpted, with any suitable metal instrument, to remove protrusions, smooth burrs, etc.
  • Apply all the paste before setting begins.

Cautions and recommendations

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5⁰C or above 30⁰C.
  • Do not apply if there is a risk of frost.
  • Use clean sand for its use as mortar.
  • Avoid using too much mixing water.
  • If there is strong wind or direct sunlight, protect the product and wet it again to avoid it drying too quickly.
  • Only mix the amount that you can use in the work time available.
  • Do not remix or add water to a mortar that has begun to set. It cannot be used and should be disposed of.
  • Do not apply on plaster or plaster products.
  • The temperature affects the time when setting begins, in hot weather it makes it shorter and in cold weather it makes it longer.